Saturday, August 6, 2011

These are the days of our lives...

Today was an uneventful but very fun day. A day that I want to just freeze in my mind because my kids were all so good and sweet. Baby girl finally got over her stomach bug and she was back to her normal, sweet self. She felt pretty crummy these past few days and pretty much only wanted mama. Her sweet brother would try to sit by her and she would cry/whine and push him away. I felt bad for both of them.

We headed out to the Apple Store after morning naps and I felt like I needed a Paxil to help me deal with that store. So. Many. People. I now fully understand why Apple currently has more cash than our Government. The store is totally stroller un-friendly. I gave my phone to the employee and he said he would take a look and find out why my speaker wasn't working. Of course, he couldn't duplicate the problem. Oh well. At least we got out of there fairly quickly.

Lunch was at Culver's. I love that place and big brother got his chocolate ice cream. He got it all over his cheeks and mouth and said, "I look like Jesus." It was so cute!

Everyone all took great naps at the same time. I love it when this happens:) We headed to HEB and I got Sushi to eat. I love me some Sushi!

This day was so perfect...I love my sweet family. I know I am going to want these days back!

Hope you guys had a great Saturday! I will leave you with some pic of my sweet boy looking like Jesus.

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