Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ready for Christmas

I am officially in the mood for Christmas.  I was getting my hair done last night and my stylist, Katlin, and we were talking about how we weren't in the mood yet for Christmas.  That all changed when I took the three kids to have their Christmas pictures made.  They all three did so well and I was happy my mother-in-law suggested we try and that she would love to help me.  It was very worth it and now I'm in the Christmas spirit.  I will probably put the tree up tomorrow.

I have the best hair stylist in the world.  She totally spoils me and works late so I can come in after the babies go to bed.  One day I will be able to go in at a normal time but until then she is so flexible with me.  I love it!

The days are flying by lately.  I can't get over that it's December and the twins will soon be 5 months old.  Where does the time go?

I will leave you faithful readers with a picture of BB(big brother).  This is how I found him tonight after he went to bed.  I love this boy so much, even when he does spill half a gallon of apple juice on my clean, tile floors.  He has become so independent lately.  Everything is, "Mama...I do it."  Well, that's what he said with the juice today.  Big Mistake.  He really is an amazing 2 year old and provides me with numerous laughs and tons of help every single day.

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